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Engineer - of the Greece Faction (Zetapack)

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Engineer Engineer
Type:Worker Unit
Creation:Produced by Blacksmith
Total Cost: Gold150 Food1 
Production Time:80
Maximum Hitpoints:800
Regeneration of Hitpoints:1
'Engineer' is able to Build:Tower
Air Box
Trojan Horse
'Engineer' is able to Upgrade:Advanced Buildings
Movement Type:Ground Unit
Move Command: Move Speed: 220
Morph Skill: Build Ballista Morphing to: OxybelesOxybeles
Refund (Discount): 40 %
Morph Speed: 500
Morph Skill: Build Onager Morphing to: OnagerOnager
Refund (Discount): 40 %
Morph Speed: 350
Repair/Heal Skill: Repair Repairing: Trojan Horse, Barley Field, Barracks, Blacksmith, Tower, Castle, Palace, Temple, Air Box, Oxybeles, Battering Ram, Chariot, Onager
Repair/Heal Speed: 180
Repair/Heal Skill: Heal Healing: Slave, Cavalry, Engineer, Hoplite, Peltast, Alexander, Artemis, Atlas, Archer, Psiloi
Repair/Heal Speed: 210