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Peltast - of the Greece Faction (Zetapack)

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Peltast Peltast
Type:Combat Unit
Creation:Produced by Advanced Barracks
Produced by Barracks
Total Cost when produced by Advanced Barracks: Gold100 Wood50 Food1 
Total Cost when produced by Barracks: Gold100 Wood50 Food1 
Production Time:60
Maximum Hitpoints:700
Regeneration of Hitpoints:1
Movement Type:Ground Unit
Move Command: Move Speed: 220
Attack Command: Attack
Target: Ground and air units
Strength: 95+-65
Range: 9
Type: Piercing
Attack Speed: 50
Start Time: 0.5
This Attack Skill is used on "Hold Position"
("Hold Position" requires Training Field)
Level(s): Elite at 5 kills
Hitpoints: 700 -> 1050
Armor Strength: 20 -> 30
Sight: 15 -> 18
Upgrades Available:Helmets (Hitpoints: +50, Armor: +20)
Shields (Hitpoints: +50, Armor: +10)
Weapons (Attack Strength: +25)