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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How is ZetaGlest Different from MegaGlest?

See the page Differences from MegaGlest

When is the date of the next release?

From the milestone pages, you can view the approximate date of the next release, as well as which issues need to be done before the release is issued:

The target dates and issues listed may change but those listed represent our goals at the time they are updated.

I want to contribute. Where do I start?

Please see the CONTRIBUTING doc.

After we get to know you better and understand what your skills are, we will be able to offer you individual tickets. Before that happens, you must browse through the tickets to find one that interests you and that suits you. Because this is a volunteer project, we recommend only working on tickets that you find interesting.

I have a suggestion or a feature request. Should I open a ticket?

Yes. You are welcome to present ideas in the ZetaGlest Discord chat room, but often someone may then tell you to open a ticket.

  • Having a ticket means there will be a permanent record of a discussion. Discussion in chat often scrolls away never to be seen again.
  • Allows people who are absent from chat to view the discussion later and offer feedback or solutions
  • If we have to spend too much time discussing feature requests in chat, our focus is taken away from a task we might currently be working on
  • It helps the project managers by saving them time. You may see your suggestion as only one item, but remember they get suggestions from many people.
  • If you don't care enough to spend the time to open a ticket, we don't care enough to spend any time considering your suggestion

Sometimes your suggestion will be rejected. We will always try to respond and give a reason, because we appreciate you care enough to make the suggestion and that you're a fan of the game. Sometimes it may take us a while to respond, or to complete the ticket. You will get notified of any replies by email through GitHUb as long as you are subscribed to the ticket.

What is a headless server?

A headless server is a "dedicated" server. People can connect to it anytime to start a game. Once the game has started, no one can join to start a new game until the one that's running has completed.You do not need to play a game that is starting. The game setup interface appears to people who connect to your headless server (you will not see the game setup menu unless you connect to your server by starting a new instance of ZetaGlest from another computer).

How do I host a server?

First, you'll need to set-up port-forwarding (You'll only need to do that once). To run your own headless (dedicated) server:

    zetaglest --headless-server-mode

To start a temporary server, enter the ZetaGlest lobby and click "Host Game"

To host a LAN game, use the LAN option from the ZetaGlest game menu

What ports do I need to foward?

TCP ports 61357-61368

Can I connect to a server that's already running on my computer?

When serving a running game, a headless ZetaGlest server uses almost the same amount of computer resources as a running game. Therefore, it is recommended not to try connecting your ZG client to a headless server running on the same computer. The beginning of the game may run well, but during gameplay later, there may be problems.

Are you on Steam?

Although you can't play ZetaGlest through Steam, you can connect with us there through our public group.