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System Requirements

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* >= (2011) Intel Sandy Bridge x86 CPU with 1.6 GHz or higher frequency (modern multi-core CPU series, at least 2.0 GHz recommended) * 2.0 GB RAM (4.0 GB RAM recommended) * Graphics chip supporting OpenGL 2.1 or higher (dedicated/discrete video card with hardware 3D acceleration recommended) * 512 MB video memory * Audio chip supporting OpenAL

Software requirements:

* A supported (by its producer) operating system version * Graphics drivers which work well with this operating system version and support the OpenGL requirements discussed above * Audio drivers supporting OpenAL * A file archiving utility which provides a command line interface and can decompress 7-zip archives Graphics hardware and drivers: Current dedicated Nvidia and AMD hardware with up to date vendor-supplied proprietary drivers installed usually provide the best experience. However, it is not unheard of that they may be difficult to get working on Linux and other open platforms (due to insufficient support by hardware vendors). If you experience such issues, open source 3D drivers are now becoming usable for both many current and legacy GPUs, and may help with the proprietary drivers' shortcomings. Next to standard dedicated gaming video cards, ZetaGlest also runs fine on most integrated Intel, Nvidia and AMD APUs. In some case, reduce visual effects from the options menu may help improve game performance. To run ZetaGlest in headless mode, neither video nor audio hardware and driver support are necessary. For a good user experience, please ensure your system meets all other minimum hardware requirements, as listed above.