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Metal Wreaker - of the Natulka Faction (Zetapack)

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Metal Wreaker Metal Wreaker
Metal Wreaker
Creation:Built by Worker
Total Cost: Gold100 Wood150 Stone100 
Storage:Wood 750  (Hint: This also means a worker can drop of his harvested wood into this building so it's useful to build it near trees.)
Production Time:120
Maximum Hitpoints:6000
Regeneration of Hitpoints:-
'Metal Wreaker' is able to Upgrade:Optimize Swords
Optimize Spears
Optimize Axes
Optimize Bows
Optimize Armor
Poisoned Spears
Optimize Shields
'Metal Wreaker' is a Requirement for:Axeman
Banner Bearer
Armored Knight
Stone Sanctuary
Sentry Tower
Armored Axeman
Needed to build 'Metal Wreaker':Town Center