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Wartime Mechanic - of the Romans Faction (Zetapack)

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Wartime Mechanic Wartime Mechanic
Wartime Mechanic
Type:Worker Unit
Combat Unit
Creation:Produced by Military Camp
Total Cost: Gold100 Wood50 Grace1 
Production Time:80
Maximum Hitpoints:500
Regeneration of Hitpoints:1
'Wartime Mechanic' is able to Build:Eagle Pillar
Guard Tower
Needed to build 'Wartime Mechanic':Training Camp
Blacksmith Shop
Movement Type:Ground Unit
Move Command: Move Speed: 170
Morph Skill: Build Catapult Morphing to: CatapultCatapult
Refund (Discount): 40 %
Morph Speed: 450
Morph Skill: Build Br Morphing to: Battering RamBattering Ram
Refund (Discount): 20 %
Morph Speed: 450
Morph Skill: Build Ballista Morphing to: BallistaBallista
Refund (Discount): 20 %
Morph Speed: 450
Attack Command: Hot Oil
Hot Oil
Target: Only ground units
Strength: 200+-175
Range: 6
Splash-Radius: 1
Splash also damages own units!
Type: Energy
Attack Speed: 35
Start Time: 0.5
This Attack Skill is used on "Hold Position"
Upgrades Available:Sign Of Mars (Sight: +1, Attack Strength: +10, Armor: +10, Move: +8)
Repair/Heal Skill: Repair Repairing: Eagle Pillar, Colosseum, Training Camp, Blacksmith Shop, Temple, Military Camp, Guard Tower, Gladiator School
Repair/Heal Speed: 200
Repair/Heal Skill: Heal Healing: Slave, Spearman, Archer, Swordsman, Cavalry, Tribune, Turtle Formation, General, Wartime Mechanic, Fire Archer, Gladiator, Guard, Battering Ram, Axe Man, Catapult, Ballista
Repair/Heal Speed: 200