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Keyboard Assignment (Zetapack)

Zetapack Techtree summary (home) | Game Help and Documentation Note: Keyboard assignment can be changed in glestuserkeys.ini.

Render In Game Performance`
Render Network StatusN
Show Full ConsoleH
Free Camera ModeF
Reset Camera Modespace
Camera Mode Leftleft
Camera Mode Rightright
Camera Mode Upup
Camera Mode Downdown
Pause GameP
Change Font ColorC
Game Speed Increase+
Game Speed Decrease-
Exit Keyescape
Extra Team Color Marker*
Group Units Key 10
Group Units Key 21
Group Units Key 32
Group Units Key 43
Group Units Key 54
Group Units Key 65
Group Units Key 76
Group Units Key 87
Group Units Key 98
Group Units Key 109
Camera Rotate LeftA
Camera Rotate RightD
Camera Rotate UpS
Camera Rotate DownW
Center Camera On SelectionG
Select Idle Harvester UnitI
Select Built BuildingB
Show Debug?
Dump World To Log\
Rotate Unit During PlacementR
Select Damaged UnitD
Select Store UnitZ
Selected Units AttackA
Selected Units MoveM
Selected Units StopS
Toggle OS Mouse Enabled/
Chat Team ModeT
Toggle Healthbars#
Toggle MusicK
Save GUI Layoutf10
Set MarkerX
Reload INIf5
Toggle Photo Modef8
Switch LanguageL
Save Gamef11
Bookmark Addf2
Bookmark Removef3
Camera Follow Selected Unitf4